Our Mission

LuckyWare Pro provides excellence in outsourced software services throughout the world. We add considerable value to our customer's business processes so that we can grow in partnership with our customers.

Why We Consistently Outperform Our Competitors


Since 2007 we have been continually improving our services for you. Time is our customers’ most valuable resource. Effective communication saves time. We help our customers to achieve their business goals by assessing situations where confusion may occur and quickly clarifying customer requirements and project definition. By using our time tested communication process, we don’t spend a lot of time focusing on problems. We focus on solutions to clear customer requirements. We have strong theoretical knowledge combined with practical experience in project management, which results in strong customer loyalty. You can rest assured that we can get the job done.


We provide you with the greatest value by providing high quality software developmentwhile charging competitive development rates as well as reducing hours spent on projects due to:

  • A clearly organized processes of development
  • Professional teams of software developers
  • Managers who organize and inspire developers to do their best all of time on every project

We know European, American and Canadian culture because we are oriented to customers needs during development and we have a long experience in communicating with western customers. This experience with Western cultures allows us to easily understand and implement your requirements.


We achieve the highest quality on your project using modern methodologies for development like Agile Programming, TDD (Test Driven Development), Iterative Development and QA methods. Our project managers and team leaders use GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology for planning and project management.


Having strong theoretical knowledge and experience in project development we are constantly raising customers satisfaction with our work by getting the practical results for our customers


We hire only professional teams of project managers, programmers, designers and QA engineers who are fluent in English and/or in German.

Our Promise

LuckyWare Pro promises to listen to and meet customer needs. We strive to be the best, so that you can have the best software solution possible. We will:

1. Listen to what you need

1. Listen to what
you need

2. Propose innovative solutions

2. Propose innovative

3. Assign only the best people to your project

3. Assign only the best people to
your project

4. Deliver your solution on time

4. Deliver your solution
on time